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Unionville Town Hall

History started with the Unionville Presbyterian Church. It was established in 1915 at the intersection of Unionville Road and Unionville-Indian Trail Road. For years, the two churches on this block were synonymous with the Unionville Community. 

Unfortunately in July, 1994, fire destroyed Unionville Presbyterian’s sanctuary. The lumber, made of heart pine, burned very quickly. There was nothing the fire departments could do, despite a valiant effort. Miraculously, the fellowship hall adjacent to the church was saved with only minimal damage. Although the sanctuary was insured, it was not insured for replacement value. For a church that was already struggling with ten to twelve members, this complicated the struggle to survive.

For the next five years, Unionville Presbyterian Church met in the fellowship hall. They often questioned whether they should continue or dissolve. One of the concerns of the congregation involved what would happen to the property should the church dissolve.  

After much thought, discussion, and studying various avenues the church could take to insure the building and grounds were used in the manner which would be complimentary to Unionville, the members of Unionville Presbyterian Church sought to dissolve the congregation.

They felt that the church building and the land would be best used for Unionville and its citizens as a town hall.

On December 9, 1999, Councilman Randy Baucom, representing Unionville Presbyterian Church, offered its fellowship hall to the Town of Unionville as the new Town Hall. Council graciously accepted this generous gift.  

The first Town of Unionville meeting to be held at the new location of 1102 Unionville Church Road took place on February 17, 2000. Town Hall was dedicated to municipal service on May 21, 2000, with a reception honoring the members of Unionville Presbyterian Church.

History of the Unionville Town Seal

Mr. Eric Hinson of Unionville Elementary School created this design, with the assistance and input of a team of students: Greg Felker, Michael Herman, Abigail Jones and Janine Sanchez. The team discussed the problem of creating the seal and  examined both the Union County seal and the Union County Public schools seal. They discussed symbolism, and each student sketched out several of their ideas. They then compiled their ideas into one rough sketch and discussed. Mr. Hinson then took their final rough draft and sketched and created the finished product.

Rope:  The rope shows a tight community held together by common ideas and beliefs, however, it is a broken rope. This shows that we are open to accept outsiders and willing to change when necessary.

Paw Prints:  The paw prints are symbolic of the three schools- Unionville Bobcats, Piedmont Middle School Panthers and Piedmont High School Panthers.

Wheat: The wheat is symbolic of the agricultural aspect of our community.

1911 and 1998:  The Original Charter Date and the Re-Charter Date.

Paper Doll Family:  The family is a major attribute of the community. Our community is also much like an extended family.

Cross:  The cross represents the religion, faith and beliefs of our community. This is the foundation of Unionville.

Bell:  The bell represents Unionville Elementary School and Union Institute which dates back to 1885.

Torch:  The torch represents the importance of education in the past, present and future. The flame is also symbolic of the pride that burns within the heart of the Unionville community members. It stands for all those who may have moved on, but still return year after year to work at the annual barbecue or celebrate with us at the 4th of July festivities.

Oak Tree:  Lastly, the oak tree is symbolic of strength. It is our strength that allows our community to stand the tests of time and change.

**Unionville Town Council  approved and adopted the Town Seal on April 15, 2002.